Cheating in CSGO

Cheating is a prevalent issue in all Esport games, including CSGO. You’re probably familiar with cheaters if you play CSGO, and you can’t do anything about it. The Valve has set out to combat cheating, but they are not very successful.

Non-prime players have a difficult time playing CSGO since cheaters are rampant, and you can even find them on DM servers.

Is there a cheater in the competitive scene on the CSGO professional level as well? Yes, there are! Many professional gamers have been accused of cheating and some of them have even been caught and banned from competition.

Cheating in CSGO: What You Need to Know

New generations view Esports as a typical sport, and the world is evolving. Gamers from all around the world agree that cheats are the most detestable sort of individuals.

We’ve all experienced it in the real world. You return home exhausted from work and simply want to get away from the outside world for a while to recharge your batteries. The greatest approach to accomplish that is to sit back and unwind while playing your favorite video game.

Despite the fact that you’re playing for fun and to unwind, you’re still striving to win; it’s in our nature to be competitive. There’s nothing wrong with it.

It’s natural to lose from time to time; there is always someone better, and that is the reality. You can still compete against those superior players if you put your mind to it, and if you really try you might be able to win. If you lose, simply accept that the other team had a higher level of skill and work harder next

But what if you can’t win? What if the enemy is always able to find you, shoot in the head, and there’s nothing you can do about it? It’s annoying to be powerless, no matter how insignificant this is only a game.

There are some malicious individuals, in my opinion, who use additional applications only to spoil your gaming experience.

They want to feed their ego and they have nothing to gain from it except for the fact that they will ruin your day. If you’re like me, you may be wondering how to stop cheats. The solution is straightforward: there’s no way to eradicate them, but there are several methods for avoiding them.

What are the best methods for detecting cheaters in CSGO?

We recommend that you purchase csgo prime accounts if you have a non-prime CSGO account and play against long-term members of the community. It’s less likely for them to pay 15€ just to cheat and lose their account in a few weeks now that the game is free to play.

However, there are cheats in prime as well, but they’re at least attempting to hide it so you may occasionally win. But if you have a Prime membership already, is there anything you can do? The answer is yes, and here are some solutions that might assist you to avoid cheaters.


You’ve undoubtedly heard about FACEIT. They’re running some CSGO competitions, and they hosted a major event in London last year. It’s software that allows you to play CSGO on their official servers rather than Steams.

The FACEIT matchmaking servers are 64 tick, but they provide a better gameplay experience on 128 tick servers. Knife round and the winner gets to pick a starting side (CT or T) as in professional play. If the game is tied at 15-15, you will enter overtime. There are no ties on FACEIT in any case. You may also win money by participating in various Cups and Leagues.

Finally, for a better experience, FACEIT has its own ELO rating system and you will be assigned to the same rank group as before.

You may keep track of your ELO on FACEIT, like you can with matchmaking. FACEIT has its own any-cheat software in addition to Valve Anti Cheat, which is included in the game.

Before you can play, you must turn on the Anti-Cheat software. The program monitors all activities and external programs that occur in and around the game folder. Cheats with a low budget will not be able to pass this software, which means there will be less of them.

The cost of FACEIT Premium is 3,33€ monthly if you pay for the whole year. If you only want to use it for a month, go for the monthly plan and pay 6€ instead.

It’s a good price to pay if it means you’ll avoid cheats and enhance your gaming experience. I’m currently using FACEIT, and despite their efforts, there are still some cheaters that get around their security. I’m a long-term user of the site, and I’ve only encountered four cheaters in two years. That isn’t bad at all, and it’s better than MM by far.


ESEA is another option. This platform, like FACEIT, is comparable. They also have 128 tick servers, leagues, cups, and a ladder system. ESEA offers anti-cheat software that is always active and functions similarly to antivirus software. The client monitors and detects cheats on a computer in order to prevent abuses of the game engine

The monthly cost of Premium is $6.95, while Insider costs $14.95 per month. It’s less expensive over time on both plans.


There is no fee to use this service. It’s not like FACEIT and ESEA, which have a ladder system. There are no ladders to balance games, resulting in frequent unbalanced matches. Although ESEA, FACEIT provide anti-cheat features as part of their matchmaking services, they nevertheless outperform regular matchmaking. However, I will not suggest it because FACEIT and ESEA are superior in every way possible.

Cheating on CSGO LAN Tournaments

You’re undoubtedly wondering whether it’s possible to cheat in online LAN tournaments. Yes, it is. Professional players may even employ Wallhacks when thousands of people are watching them. How is this possible?

They use AimLocks as wallhacks. It varies from tournament to tournament, but most professional players are not permitted to utilize their own gaming equipment or PCs. They are even allowed to bring their own USB flash drives so they may easily install preferred settings.

The most significant barrier is this. If a player wishes to cheat, all he has to do is conceal the cheat script codes within the configuration and install it. Let’s start with different sorts of CSGO cheats in order for you to understand them.

What are the most common cheating methods used in CSGO?

Aimbot AKA Triggerbot

An aimbot is a cheating tool that is commonly used in the CSGO community. As soon as he appears within the scope of view, the program shoots automatically at the opponent. This shooter may be customized to fire only in the head or at a certain proportion of bullets in the head.

This software is widely used by cheaters because it’s hidden inside the game files. Some gamers utilize modifications of this program to conceal it. Spinbots are also available, which allow players to spin around and shoot headshots. Spinbots are simple to identify, and the cheater will be VAC banned in days if not hours.


This application allows cheaters to see through walls. They can simply destroy you by using smoke or penetrable barriers because they know where the opponent is. Even if the player is flashing, this trick allows him to view everything.  In conclusion, if someone is utilizing Wall Hack, Smoke and Flash grenades are not suggested. They will have an edge

Recoil scripts

This program aids the user in controlling recoil. One of the most difficult skills to master in CSGO is recoil control. Only the most experienced players know how to manage recoil, and even they can’t fully spray.


This cheat is difficult to detect. Even top players employ Aimlocks. A specific key on a keyboard or mouse must be pressed to turn the hack on. The crosshair begins to move toward the enemy after being activated by a cheating software. For data, it’s great for one-on-one fights.

If the crosshair shifts to the right, you’ll know that an opponent is on your right; if it goes to the left, you’ll know that one is on your left. This cheat is employed by top gamers in LAN competitions, and detecting it is difficult.

The easiest way to convey it is with a video:

How to Prevent CSGO Cheaters

There is a program that is billed as a deterrent to cheaters. VAC (Valve-anti-cheat) is the name of this software. When a participant is detected cheating, his Steam account gets banned. VAC bans are permanent and may not be reversed. What exactly happens when someone receives a VAC ban?

You should be aware of one thing. Every cheater leaves a trace. When a new cheat is detected, VAC is automatically activated and looks for traces in prior matches. If anyone used that cheat, his Steam account will be banned. This implies that VAC may only detect previously identified outdated cheats.

There are several pricey premium hacks that are still undetected by VAC. If a player uses one of these cheats, VAC is unable to detect it, making it an effective defensive measure against poor cheaters who cannot afford premium hacks. We can infer that VAC is ineffective; it only detects outdated cheats and new ones are developed every day.

However, if a cheat is detected now, the system will update and all players who have been utilizing that cheat will be banned. That may appear to be beneficial at first glance. However, tomorrow’s programmers will come up with new cheats, which will be useless.

VAC Ban Wave

What happens after a new cheat is discovered is a VAC ban wave. The most recent VAC ban wave was in January of 2019 when 1,187,113 CSGO accounts were banned for using extras software. This VAC ban wave was only one month after the game went free to play. 

 I don’t believe so. In all games, monthly VAC bans never topped 200K in the past. Nowadays, things are a bit different. There are over 500,000 VAC bans each month.

Developers of CSGO cheats on a professional level 

It’s difficult to come by them, but I was able to track down a Reddit thread where one CSGO private hacks developer answered anonymously to inquiries. You are free to ask him whatever you want. He even acknowledged that he wrote cheats for professional gamers.

Some nations take cheating a step further. It is illegal to distribute cheats in South Korea and China. The programmer in China who created cheating programs was sentenced to 15 years in jail. In South Korea, cheating programmers can face imprisonment of up to 5 years or fines of up to $43,000.

csgo cheats

Is there any cheating on the professional level of CSGO?

There are several excellent CS:GO players who aren’t very good. We’re talking about folks like s1mple, NiKo, device, olofmeister, and GeT_Right. You’ve got to know the differences between s1mple and NiKo, who are both naturally gifted, as well as device, olof, and GeT_Right, who are all attempting to outsmart their opponents in every move.

I don’t mean to imply that they aren’t talented. They have a different playstyle than the other players, which is smarter and allows them to be the best. Consider s1mple and device, two of the world’s top AWP gamers. When you look at s1mple’s game, you see a lot of outlandish frags; he is almost always top fragging and attempting the impossible to win.

On the other hand, there is a device that plays the game in a completely different way. He keeps angles and if he misses his shot, he does not re-peak. Instead, he moves to a new spot and attempts again.

In many games, the device has more kills than simple, but they aren’t all spectacular. There are a few, but the majority of them are ordinary kills that every professional player should not miss. Nobody ever accused those players of cheating; we can see that they have no additional information except for what everyone else can see.

Both GeT_RiGhT and Olof acknowledged that they cheated. They’re using the crowd in LANs as a cheat, according to them. Both players tend to aim through walls in close situations, and if audience noise is made, they know someone is behind that one and it’s completely legal. That’s simply a clever trick employed use to get some advantage.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some strange player.

A lot of Esports analytics disagree, but I believe there are. In fact, a few of them were caught. This part of the article will include videos, but I just want to make things easier for you by putting everything in one place. Let’s start with someone who was betrayed and cast aside, like Abandoned by their team at the end.


Forsaken is a CSGO player from the OpTic India squad. A CSGO pro who was banned for cheating. This player used to use AimLock at LAN tournaments. The amusing detail is that the administrator actually caught him using it during a LAN tournament.

He even tried to prevent the administrator from inspecting his PC, which was quite amusing. Check out the video below to see it. After that, the admin discovered three suspicious files called word.exe on his computer.

Despite the fact that he continued to demonstrate great results, his name was never on anyone’s lips. His name became his reality when no one wanted anything to do with him. Even if he creates a new account, he will be banned from all professional competitive events for 5 years.



Despite the fact that flusha has never been banned, he is one of the most suspect players in the game. Former Fnatic player and three-time major winner denied it on his Facebook page, stating that he plays a different style of game.

Yes, absolutely, a lot more than an average professional player. What was the purpose of deleting that post after? Why would he try to clarify anything if he isn’t guilty? There’s only one straightforward answer for those questions. He was cheating, and it’s the truth. I don’t imply that he cheated in every game during his lengthy career, but he did use it in some games for sure.

There are some circumstances that defy explanation. It’s OK if you just have one or two suspicious circumstances; 10 is conceivable, but Flusha had a slew of inexplicable situations, only God knows how many. Please don’t read any more of my opinions, take a look at this film and form your own. Also, Flusha is playing in the video before in this section AimLock.

After watching this film, you’ll be able to determine whether flusha is a cheater. However, all those instances occurred years ago, and he is almost certainly not utilizing any further software presently.

He is an excellent player, but he can’t erase the past and it will haunt him for the rest of his career. But who are we to pass judgment on him? S1mple is without a doubt the greatest CSGO player today, and he has previously been cheating. We are all humans with imperfections, so everyone deserves forgiveness.



A high-profile player who previously played for them. If we look at Byali’s most recent matches, it’s clear he isn’t using cheats now. However, there is some compelling evidence that he used cheats when he first started playing on a professional level.

This video features a match between Virtus.Pro and iBUYPOWER, a team that was banned for fixing matches later on. Take a look for yourself.



He used to play for HellRaisers. There is some indication that he may have cheated, but I don’t believe so; he was just that bad that they had to bench him. It’s quite hard to believe that he was cheating while also being the worst player on the team at the same time.

However, it’s conceivable that he utilized cheats in certain games. For example, look at this game between HellRaisers and Dignitas. We’re witnessing overtimes, and things aren’t looking good for his team. They are on the verge of losing a key round. He must shoot through the box to make that connection.

It’s conceivable he used some sort of key to activate a cheat that allowed him to aim through the box. The cheat was actually aimed at a different individual, who fired straight at him through the 20 feet of concrete wall, which is solid. This could simply be a coincidence, but let’s look at this shot.



This is the OpTic Gaming player at this time. This video is from Dan M’s YouTube channel. He’s a conspiracy theorist, and on his site, you’ll find plenty of proof that professional CSGO players are cheating. Make sure to go over it. This is a concrete video about k0nfig and his Deagle skills.

We don’t like conspiracy theories, but this fellow is clearly in violation of the rules. Take a look for yourself.



TyLoo’s current player. There are no words to describe it. He is clearly cheating. Take a look at that round on Mirage’s mid section. This individual is sure to be utilizing a trigger bot. Take a look at it:


When it comes to professional CSGO gamers cheating, this player must be mentioned. I’m still dumbfounded that he hasn’t been VAC banned yet. Take a look at this video:

Unfortunately, this is where our list leaves off. There are a lot of sketchy individuals out there, but we can’t accuse them all. This is where our list finishes (for now). However, if you’re interested in players who have already been VAC banned like KQLY (Titan), go to the website linked below.