CSGO 360 stats

Valve took out the CSGO 360 stats tracker from the Broken Fang Operation after the season ended and implemented a full stat tracker with CSGO 360.

CSGO, like most Valve in-house multiplayer, is always evolving with its new free-to-play approach and operations. Operation Broken Fang fans took a liking to CSGO’s new statistic tracker this time around. Now, CSGO has released a fresh statistic tracker for players to utilize. Although, it comes at a cost.

Pricing and Features of CSGO 360 Stats

Previously, the Operation Broken Fang update included a tracker that displayed not only your K/D ratio but also the match’s overall statistics, as well as other players’ stats, heatmaps, and performance across multiple maps in the game.

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Operation Broken Fang was a recent operation that removed the CSGO tracker from CS:GO. A new version of the CSGO tracker was added to the game for users to utilize, but it requires a $1.99 monthly payment. CSGO 360’s features are comparable to Operation Blood Fang, with the team’s K/D ratio as well as enemy players’ K/D ratio and map effectiveness, among other things. Players can view how well they compare to other players by removing stats and tracking from casual, custom, and bot games in CSGO 360.

CSGO 360 Stats tracker

It also makes CSGO 360 an even better choice for esports gamers and those looking for a more competitive CSGO experience. 360 Productions’ CS:GO 360 is a new feature that allows viewers to see statistics from all competitive matches, as well as where players may improve. Similar to how football teams evaluate their prior games in order to gain an edge the next time they’re on the field, CS:GO 360 shows players where they may enhance their performance.

While this is a great approach to get a player’s statistics, it isn’t meant for the average CSGO consumer. If the player is a competitive or esports competitor, it’s worth it since the data shown is for modes that many of the competitive community would participate in.

Although this is the case, many gamers would rather spend $0.99 a month to look at their stats when there are numerous third-party sites that can do it for them. However, $1 a month is not an exorbitant price when compared to other monthly-based gaming services. But there are free alternatives for gamers. Valve also produced a CSGO 360 FAQ for those interested in learning more about the game.