Legendary Eagles Prime

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We offer the in-demand Legendary Eagles Prime:

Have you tried everything but still got stuck in the silvers or gold nova csgo account? Don’t lose hope as we are here to help. Get yourself a high ranked Prime legendary Eagle now in some simple clicks.

Before buying it is significant for you to know that Prime accounts legendary Eagles is the third-highest rank of csgo. Many of csgo players like you are working hard and spending hours in the battlefield to earn the Legendary Eagles Prime Account. But only 3.2% of csgo players have achieved this goal. These players have the advantage over the other players to play with more competent and skillful players. You can be a part of this community and can enjoy a competitive match with high skilled players by placing an order at Ezsmurfs. Here you will get all types of csgo accounts and the best part is that you will be responded back by the efficient customer support team of Ezsmurfs within hours.


Types of Legendary Eagle Account:

The legendary Eagle comes with different specifications and features. The specification and features that you will surely love. Each account with a different feature is a new type of account. The account we offer is legendary eagle master with loyalty badge, Legendary Eagle Master PRIME Ready, and Prime LEM 2700 hours. Each type of account has it's own perks, but all of them provide players with advanced features and the perfect gaming experience an enthusiast player can ask for. The best part about these csgo ranked accounts is that they are safe from scammers and provide safe gameplay. For further information or in case of any query you can contact our customer support team through live chat for an instant reply or drop us a message at the email provided.