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About Counter Strike Global offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive is quite a big name, right? You don’t have to worry about it because it is commonly called CSGO. If someone spelled the full name like counter strike global offensive, then it might sound odd as no one says it. As big as the name, our company is big too because it provides a wide variety of csgo accounts. You can anytime browse on our website and enjoy the adequate csgo matchmaking experience on your account.

As Counter Strike has been a Competitive game mode since the start, they made Counter-Strike: Global Offensive more advanced by introducing csgo ranks to the game modes. The ranks start from Silver 1 to the top tier Global elite rank. There are a total of 18 ranks in the game. So, there will be 18 products of csgo ranked accounts. Csgo has many other features like Overwatch enabled accounts, skins, and Service medals accounts. A csgo prime account will be overwatch enabled only when the prime status account holds a total of 150 competitive wins. You can also achieve a service medal on our csgo smurf accounts by reaching private rank 40. You can gain an XP bonus by playing various game modes like competitive, Wingman, and many more. You can buy cheap csgo accounts from us as we provide instant delivery on csgo smurf accounts, csgo ranked accounts and other csgo prime accounts.

Several types of csgo accounts for sale:

What are High Tier CSGO Prime Accounts?

Csgo smurf high tier accounts are one of the accounts with service medals, overwatch enabled rank, operation coins as well as loyalty badges accounts. These are the types of high tier accounts.

Overwatch Enabled Prime Accounts

These are the accounts that have the feature of overwatch enabled on the account. Overwatch is a feature that was introduced to the game to ban some hackers. 

  • You can unlock this feature by completing your csgo competitive wins to 150. 
  • Your rank must be greater than Gold nova 1. If you are a gold nova and have 150 wins, then you can use this feature. If your rank is expired, then the players cannot access this feature. 
How does CSGO Overwatch works?

Overwatch feature allows you to investigate a demo of players. This demo can be a competitive or wingman game. You need to first download the case, then you need to view the case, it will be a matchmaking game between players and you have to investigate whether a player is hacking or not. You will get a menu at the end of the case regarding your suggestions of the case. You need to select the option very honestly, whether the player was using hacks or he was cheating or not.

Benefits of CSGO Overwatch

After submitting the form you will get some XP bonus boost. This bonus will give you extra XP whenever you play any game mode. So, this is beneficial in both the ways like you are getting rewarded as well as helping the community to get rid of hackers.

What are csgo prime accounts?

CSGO prime accounts are accounts with prime status upgrades. Where you don’t need to play Non-prime matchmaking or reach your Private Rank (PR) to 21. However, when you create a steam account, you will not get a prime status upgrade. You can have full access to CSGO except for the prime status as it is a free to play game on the Steam store. However, you can play different modes in csgo like Deathmatch, Wingman, Competitive, War Games, Danger zone, and Retakes to increase your Private Rank.

Csgo smurf prime account or csgo prime was introduced to the game when the game was launched. Previously, you needed to complete your private rank till 21 in order to unlock csgo smurf prime accounts. Don’t worry it has nothing to do with your csgo ranks of the game. But on December 6, 2019’s update valve said that you can buy csgo prime status upgrade from the steam store or in-game. You can only purchase this if your account is non prime. The benefits of csgo prime status upgrade is you will only be queued with other csgo prime accounts. The major benefit is that there are less number of hackers in prime matchmaking as compared to non prime matchmaking. In the end, anything you pay for will be good as compared to a free to play game.

  • The reason behind buying a prime account is you will be queued up with another prime account owner. Most people prefer playing on a prime account because the game has an anonymous number of hackers. But you can’t guarantee in csgo prime as well because there are hackers in csgo prime accounts too.
  • All of this depends on your trust factor. If your trust factor is green, you are all good and if it is red, you are in trouble. As a cs go account owner, I feel this information is not good enough to prove the point.  So, it is better if you prefer to play on a prime account. Also CS:GO Prime Users are eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases.
  • We provide fresh prime accounts as well as csgo smurfs prime accounts to our customers. Just in case they want to grind from the stat it will be useful for them if they buy csgo accounts which are required for them. However, you can buy csgo prime accounts from ezsmurfs.

What are csgo non prime accounts?

This is the deadliest mode in which anyone can play csgo. As the game is free to play and you can do whatever you want on your account. If you are a serious player and looking forward to this game then we would prefer you to buy csgo smurf accounts or prime accounts. As those accounts will provide you to focus more on your game and develop skills. You will get good opponents and most importantly, opponents who don’t hack or use any cheat because you have a good trust factor. CSGO Non Prime Accounts are easy to make. You just need to create a steam account, but if you want to play competitive mode on that account you need to reach private rank 2 which is time-consuming. However, you can keep a smurf id as a non prime cs go account. You can instead buy a non prime csgo smurf account from us and enjoy fragging.

What are csgo smurf accounts?

You might have read this word “smurf account” many times till now. But what does a smurf account actually mean?  Smurf accounts mean having secondary csgo accounts, that csgo account can be any csgo ranked account it can be a silver account or global elite ranked account that doesn’t matter. If you are a global elite player and want to experience how silver csgo ranked players play they you can buy Global elite ranked accounts. You can also do the same if you are a silver player and want to experience a Higher matchmaking experience by buying a csgo account in the csgo ranked accounts category. Mostly, LEM,SMFC and GE players prefer to buy low csgo ranked accounts because they want to have smurf accounts of silvers and Novas. They basically purchase these accounts for trolling the lower ranked cs go player. They can flex and show their skills in the low ranks and boost their teammates to higher rank. Csgo players with high ranks can also trouble their opponents by hitting one of the coolest shots. If you are looking to buy csgo accounts, csgo smurf accounts or cheap csgo accounts then make sure you always buy from us! We also provide smurf accounts with service medals and good trust factor. You need to pay with your comfortable payments for the completion of your order.


Frequently Asked Questions About CSGO

How can I change the email address?

This is a question that is asked by many csgo players or customers. When making a purchase on our site, we will provide you with a steam id and steam password. If you want access to mail, then you need to contact us on Discord or live chat. You can have a mail address of your own when we tell you the code on our support chat.

Is smurfing in CSGO allowed?

Yes, you can do smurfing in csgo; it is totally allowed. Players from different ranks play this game. Some may be good at it, some may be bad. Having a secondary account does not have any harm. We are one of the best price deals.

Is buying CSGO accounts safe?

It is totally safe to buy cs go accounts from us. Your orders are received at the backend team after you place them. We have secured payment gateway methods like Paypal, Credit cards, Debit Cards and using Bitcoins. The credentials of your account are safe with you as we dont get any access to your account. Once your payment is verified then you will not face any issues regarding your order. If you did not receive your account immediately then don’t worry about it. Just contact our customer support.

What is the csgo rank on the account?

This is a very silly question, but we have to answer this because many of our customers ask us. It totally depends upon the customer which account he is buying. If you place an order for a silver account then you will receive a silver account only. But in some rare cases if we are out of stock for a particular product then we provide a free upgrade for our customer i.e a higher ranked account.

What's the delivery time after my payment?

With your chosen CSGO account, we give instant delivery after payment confirmation. Don’t worry about your account as your accounts are delivered by automated bots which run on our site. Once we verify your payment is verified then our bot will deliver your respected account to you within a few minutes.There is absolutely no waiting time here while you are shopping with us. Just in case you don’t receive your account then you can contact our friendly customer support.

What information will i get with the account?

When you purchase a steam account from us. You will get a steam id and steam password for your account. This account details will be delivered to your registered mail address. And if some issues occur don’t worry about anything just contact us.

Can you buy CSGO accounts?

Obviously yes. There are 18 ranks in csgo starting from silver 1 to global elite. So you can purchase 18 different types of csgo accounts. Also if you want some accounts with service medals or veteran coins, then you can buy them too. If you are confused while purchasing your csgo account then feel free to have a chat with our customer support. They will help you out with it.

What information will i get with the account?

When you purchase a steam account from us. You will get a steam username and steam password for your account. This account details will be delivered to your registered mail address. And if any issues occur, don’t worry about anything, just contact us. We will provide you full-time service regarding your account.

Why can’t I add friends to my steam account?

You cannot add friends to the steam account because your account is restricted. To remove the restriction, you need to add funds to your steam account. One of the ways of making it market enabled is by adding funds to your steam wallet. A Minimum of 5 dollar deposit is required to allow for this feature. You can also redeem steam wallet codes or pay via debit card or credit card.

What is the trust factor you have on the account?

As you know, there are three trust factors, which are green, yellow, and red. The trust factor, which is the best, is green, then comes yellow, and the worst is red. You cannot view your own trust factor until and unless you are playing in the lobby with more than 2 players. If your trust factor is yellow or red then only it will be displayed to your lobby members. When you purchase the accounts you will receive a csgo account with a yellow or green trust factor.

What are the payment gateways available?

The best seller EZSMURFS has 200+ payment gateway options, which are Paypal, Stripe, Klarna, trustly, iDeal, csgo skins and Bitcoin. If we don’t have paypal or any other payment option available, then contact our live chat support. They will guide you or tell you the necessary steps for making a purchase. If you have any other queries at any time, feel free to contact us.

How can I change the email address?

This is a question that is asked by many players or customers. When making a purchase on our site, we will provide you with a steam id and steam password. If you want access to mail then you need to contact with the live chat. You can have a mail address of your own. You need a code to change the mail id. So we will provide you that on our live chat support.

How to gain a high trust factor in csgo?

You can check your trust factor by queuing up in a lobby of cs go ranked accounts. Your trust factor will only be displayed to your lobby members if it is yellow or red. If it is yellow or red then it will affect your matchmaking experience.Trust factor can be improved by adding your phone number to your steam account and having a prime status upgrade. If you haven’t added your mobile number yet, then we recommend you to add it. By doing this you can increase your matchmaking experience. If you are a positive member of the steam community and your profile is clean then too you will have a good trust factor. If you think you are having a bad matchmaking experience due to your trust factor, you can contact steam support. Here is the mail address: [email protected]. If you don’t want to do this you can directly buy a high trust factor account from us.

Where to buy csgo accounts?

If you are confused about which place to buy cs go accounts, you are looking at the right place. Once you visit our website you are fully flexible to order any account which is in or on our website. You can buy any csgo smurf accounts from ezsmurfs. In case, when you buy csgo accounts and it goes out of stock then we will provide you with free upgraded accounts or provide coupons to you. If some accounts go out of stock like csgo accounts with service medals or cs go overwatch enabled accounts then we will arrange those accounts for you but you need to be patient. We also provide instant delivery on some accounts and live chat support to our customers and we are the best sellers since 2017.