Bundle of 5x PR2 Non-Prime [Instant Delivery]


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Bundle of 5x PR2 Non-Prime [Instant Delivery]


Buy Pr2 Non-Prime Account

Pr2 Non-Prime is one of the most in-demand accounts among all other csgo accounts.CSGO lovers are fond of buying this account to have the best gaming experience. We are here to provide you with what you want as we are trusted suppliers of CSGO game accounts.Pr2 stands for private rank 2.This account is at rank 2.You can enjoy the thrill of matchmaking after buying this account. You can enjoy the Counter-Strike Global Offensive with this account in a much better way.

Variety of Pr2 Non-Prime account

There are so many variants of the Pr2 Non-Prime accounts. Like silvers non-prime, you can also have 5x, 10x15x Pr2 non-prime at a reasonable rate. Choose any one of it as per your choice and we are here to deliver you with our best.

Instant Delivery

Are you trying to be high ranked in CSGO for long, but still no success, then your wait is over. To buy a trusted csgo non-prime account you have reached the best out of all. We are here at your service 24/7. The best part about us is that we offer instant delivery. You will get your product as soon as you clear the payment.

Features of CSGO Non-Prime account

The account has some very exciting and convincing features. These features will surely make your stay at the CSGO platform worth it and thrilling. The Vac status of the account is clean. In this account, no unreliable software such as hacked or third party software is not used. The account will have a total of 30+ hours player.

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