Valve Might Be Working on a Gift Item Feature for CS:GO Similar to Dota 2

Valve Might Be Working on a ‘Gift Item Feature for CSGO


  • There’s a chance that Valve is working on a Gift item feature for CS:GO, comparable to Dota 2.
  • The most recent CS:GO update contains data suggesting that there may be a ‘Gift Item’ function in the near future.
  • According to a data miner, the code “items_gifted” has been in use since 2015, however, it was the first time it showed up again.

Valve Might Be Working on a ‘Gift Item’ Feature for CS:GO

A new and exciting feature appears to be on the way for CS:GO. Valve appears to be developing a new function for CS:GO that has been available in its other game, Dota 2, since day one. There’s a chance that a ‘Gift Item’ function will soon be integrated into the game, according to a piece of code discovered in today’s CS:GO update, which was released earlier today.  And if you ever get tired of playing Counter-Strike you can always try something different in-game through your new csgo accounts for sale, only available at Ezsmurfs.

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This is a pleasant surprise for the CS:GO community, who despite having encountered several limited-time features similar to it have never had the option to directly gift a cosmetic item to one of their friends and surprise them.

Valve might give CS:GO a feature to gift items and cosmetics to other users

According to code discovered in the most recent CS:GO update, a data miner by the name of Gabe Follower has discovered significant evidence of a new feature being added to CS:GO that will allow gamers to send items to one another.

In the last update, a piece of code dubbed “items_gifted” was discovered. According to the data miner, this may be a hint at the introduction of a possible new gifting feature that is comparable to that used in Dota 2. The code itself is not particularly interesting and has been around since 2015, but it was the first time I’d seen it resurface after a long while.

csgo Items_gifted

Nothing about this ‘Gift Item’ feature has been announced by Valve, yet it’s been around in Dota 2 since the start. A few limited gifting capabilities have previously existed in CS:GO, but nothing more substantial than that suggested by these current hints.

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The new option will allow users to gift cosmetic items to their friends and surprise them genuinely, rather than with a bland single-sided trade as previously. It will also allow gamers to bypass trade and market limitations on specific objects by giving them directly. It’s always preferable to give things away rather than deleting them frivolously.

Valve is well-versed in the gifting function and will prevent CS:GO players from abusing it if it is added to the game, by implementing gifting limitations. This guarantees that players can only send stuff to people they have been friends with for at least 30 days.

An unexpected element that no one saw coming. It will be fascinating to see how the CS:GO community responds to this feature of giving, and whether Valve ultimately releases such a function for the game.