Top tricks to improve the gaming experience

Top tricks to improve the gaming experience

Counter-Strike Global Offensive seems to be a simple game in the first look. Shooting the enemies while running around cannot be that tough right? No, it’s not. Once you will get to play and know about csgo, you will now its difficulty level. The game has much more in it then what can be seen at the start. The player can explore all the tricky aspects of the game with time. Today’s blog incorporates some of the major tricks that help players improve their game.

Use the Core Weapons:

There are a variety of games available in csgo. It’s up to the user which one to choose. Many players get attracted by the variety of guns and then purchase them without understanding the fact that all weapons no matter how much cost they do not help in aiming well headshots. So the first and the most significant tip for all csgo users is to start their game with core weapons instead of buying any new weapon. There are a number of core weapons including Tec-9, Ak-47, Five-SeveN, and much more. You can move to other csgo guns as well after fully exploring the core guns and having a strong grip over them.

Have a shooting grip:

In competitive matches, you will not get the time to calmly stay at a position and shoot. As competitive matches are a place that requires speed. So to perform well in a competitive match, it is significant to have good shooting skills. As competitive matches are not the place to practice your shooting skills, so csgo offer three other effective options for this purpose which are given as follow:

  • You can practice shooting on community created maps. There are so many such maps. To find all, you can search it in the steam market. Try to practice on these till you find yourself perfect.
  • Instead of real matches and directly playing with pro csgo players, you can first play with bots to improve your shooting skills. While playing with bots, focus only on shooting while keeping all the other important aspects aside for a while.
  • In all modes, deathmatch is the most appropriate for you to improve your shooting skills. However, you can also make use of other bots as well.

Keep track of your bullets and reload:

While playing in a competitive match, you need to stay prepared all the time to face the enemy. So in this scenario, it is essential to keep a track of your bullets and reload. Many players don’t do this, and when the enemy attacks them, their magazine appears to be empty. Else than this, always keep your gun loaded as loading in csgo takes time so this delay may make you lose your chance to kill.

Listen to your teammates:

Csgo is a game that requires your full attention. You need to focus on every sound made. Yes, there is nothing wrong with the fact that creating noise in the virtual world is not tough. But the foot sounds, banging sounds, and many other sounds will help you communicate and kill your enemy. So it is necessary to have a proper sound have a clear idea of what is going about the match. If comfortable, the players can also use a handset to hear a clear voice. 

Move one by one on every map:

The maps are like walls and objects where the player move, kill, and play. Every map location is different from one another. The overall gaming experience depends on the location of the map used. Every location has it’s own set of strategies, behavior, and much more. There are certain maps that you need to have a grip on to be a csgo expert. You can choose any of the maps available as per your choice and wish. However, there are some maps that are mostly used by players. All four of them are listed below:

  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Inferno
  • Dust ||

Make use of burst fire:

Three things need to take care of if you want to take a headshot that includes timing, movement, and accuracy. For this purpose, the player can make use of a shooting mode known as burst fire. Using this mode, you can work on all of the above qualities and improve them. The most significant thing in this mode is to stay still. Stay still and take the target and then move around on the map.

Wrapping up :

Cs go prime accounts are all about providing the best gaming experience but only the ranked accounts cannot do anything. In order to improve your gaming experience, you need to have skills and use some tips and tricks as well. There are bundles of tips but the most used ones are mentioned in the blog above.

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