Top Anime Skin in CSGO

Top Anime Skin in CSGO

For the last many months, there is no skin launched based on anime, which can be a little disappointing for anime lovers. The anime fans are waiting anxiously for the new update regarding the anime skin. For them, this year has brought good news as a set of skin is launched focusing on the anime. Previously the anime skin based on the rising sun got extreme popularity among csgo gamers. As you may know that the word anime is of Japanese origin and means Japanese cartoons, so anime skin in csgo has Japanese themes. The themes will solely depend upon Japanese anime, not its culture. So if you are a fan of anime skin and looking forward to getting an update regarding this for a long time, then stay with us. The article tells all you need to know about anime skin.

AUG | Akihabara Accept

There were so many skins released under the rising sun collection but not all skins stayed in the game for long or gained immense popularity. In all others, there was only one skin with the female character was Akihabara Accept. The skin displays a magazine cover in which it shows a lady army soldier that is a character of the rising sun. With this, it also contains the reference of some popular games that are also common in csgo which include Get Rekt, K/D, and 1v5.  Ender Year is the design of this anime. The designer of the skin worked hard to give a variety of skins, but from all only the Akihabara Accept made its way into the game. The skin is still available for some csgo ranked accounts, if you are holding a good ranked account, then you can play with this skin on the go.

M4A1-S | Player Two

The skin becomes extremely popular with time. The skin displays a very unique layout that is not seen in any other skin. It contains a male human holding a weapon. Although the weapon in the character’s hand is not available in csgo. The skin also displays a dog below the man with a very interesting expression. The presence of smoke covering the body of the character and dog gives the skin an extra impact. It also involves a censored word that is a curse. Along with this that other words the skin displays are I♥SKINS, VANGUARD, SILENCE, CSGO, GG. The character in the skin looks like a mixture of Mega Man and Astro Boy. The skin remains the same all over the world but in the chain, it may have another version as the skulls in the background of the skin are not allowed in China.

Glock-18 | Bullet Queen

The Glock-18 grip now has an appealing skin that has a female character. The new skin is released with the new set of Prisma 2 cases. The color combination and the character positioning are so perfect that you can resist using this skin. It displays a yellow star on a black background with the female character saying to be quiet by placing a finger on his mouth. Other than this, the text that states that I’ll stop shooting when you start shushing make the whole skin more impactful. Talking about the female resemblance, she somewhat looks likes Jinx, but the only difference is the hair color as jinx has blue hair color.

USP-S | Neo-Noir:

Another skin with a female character is out with this launch. The skin displays a white background and a light blue line. Containing a woman laying down with her hair open. With this, the words USP NEO leaves an extra impact. The skin can be used for two different weapons. Two of these weapons are AWP and M4A4. Although the skin is launched for the USP-S the other two weapons are more common and can be bought at cheaper rates. The cover of the weapons affects the silencer of the weapon only as the handle is dark and won’t be noticed. You can enjoy using this skin if you are a holder of any csgo ranked accounts. This may not help you in defeating the enemy but will leave a good and powerful impact on your enemy.

Wrapping up:

Skins have long been a part of csgo and are immensely loved by players. Many players of csgo love anime skins. For those lovers, the new skin release is going to be quiet appealing. All the above-mentioned skins are the newly released and are getting much love and attention from the csgo players. If you are also an anime fan, buy the new skin now. You can choose Ezsmurfs as it is the most reliable platform when it comes to csgo accounts and skins. Give these skins a try, you will surely love the impact they will leave on your gaming experiences.

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