Top 5 highest earning CSGO pros of all time

5 highest earning CSGO pros

The CS:GO competitive landscape is changing. There are new players in it. Danish players are still at the top, but there are other people behind them who want to be in the top spot too. Here are the top 5 highest earning CSGO pros of all time

Danish talent dominate the charts

In 2018, Astralis players Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, and Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth became the first CS:GO stars to reach $1 million in prize money won.

Since then, and with their IEM Katowice 2019 and StarLadder Berlin Major victories, teammates Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander and Emil “Magisk” Reif have been accepted to the millionaire’s club. And if you ever get tired of playing Counter-Strike you can always try something different in-game through your new csgo accounts for sale, only available at Ezsmurfs.

Astralis‘ stranglehold on competitions has evaporated, and their top lineup no longer exists – dev1ce having departed for NIP and dupreeh and Magisk following them out. Those five individuals, nevertheless, continue to dominate the game’s highest-paid celebrities.

Device Astralis

In reality, they’ve taken the upper hand in the table to a point that reaching $2 million every day is only a matter of time.

15 players have now broken $1 million each

Astralis were the first to cross the $1 million barrier, but there are now 15 individuals in the millionaires club. This includes Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Denis “electronic” Sharipov, who have improved their ranking following NAVI’s recent resurgence.

It’s no surprise that the most-watched CS:GO Major of all time is set to take place later this month in Odense, Denmark. The event will feature a $1 million prize pool and 16 teams competing for their share of the cash. Before we get into the details, however, let’s go over some basic information about tournaments

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Who is the richest CS:GO player of all time?

Dupreeh has overtaken Astralis partner Xyp9x as the game’s highest earner at $1,375,000. After the ‘Clutch Minister’ took a sabbatical in the middle of 2020, Astralis kept their stranglehold on first place, pushing dupreeh into second.

Dupreeh’s absence until the end of 2021 leaves xyp9x in a position to reclaim the top place on the list. NAVI’s duo of s1mple and electronic is getting closer to the top five, having won Intel Grand Slam and earning PGL Major Stockholm, which featured a $2 million prize pool.

The top five highest-paid CS:GO professionals on November 8, 2021, according to, are listed below. This list will be updated after each CS:GO Major event.

Top 20 Richest CS:GO Players in Prize Money – Updated November 8, 2021

  • 1st   dupreeh   Denmark   $1,937,581.07
  • 2nd   Xyp9x   Denmark   $1,912,931.54
  • 3rd   dev1ce   Denmark   $1,910,480.23
  • 4th   gla1ve   Denmark   $1,762,642.41
  • 5th   Magisk   Denmark   $1,531,040.30

When you think about the top five highest-earning CSGO pros of all time, it’s no surprise to see who is at number one. Dupreeh has overtaken Astralis partner Xyp9x as the game’s highest earner with $1,375,000 in prize money won and a total of $2 million dollars worth of earnings since 2019. With his absence until 2021 leaving xyp9x in a position to reclaim first place on the list, we’re sure that these two players will be battling for dominance up until 2020 ends. Who do you think will win? comment below!