Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Play Valorant Deathmatch (Tips)

Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Play Valorant Deathmatch

Hello everyone! In Act 2, Valorant added a new game mode called Deathmatch for players to enjoy. I’m sure you’re all well-aware of what Deathmatch is and don’t need much explanation.

Although any player should enjoy it, Valorant Deathmatch is a fantastic game mode that shouldn’t be overlooked. I’ll show you why below.

With that in mind, let’s get started!

In Valorant, how does deathmatch work?

  • 10 players in a free-for-all
  • The player with the most kills when the timer runs out wins.
  • You can’t use any abilities.
  • Random agents are chosen.
  • Weapons and heavy armors are all available to you automatically.
  • Dead players’ health packs heal nothing.
  • The minimap on Radar contains a proximity sensor that activates periodically to show enemy positions.
  • Regardless of how well you do, each game awards 500 XP.

1. Train with weapons you don’t normally use.

You’ve always wanted to play Operator, but you don’t get to do it enough in real games to really learn how to use it. Now is the time, grab that Operator and don’t worry about your score; just focus on improving. CS:GO also have a similar type of game mode, you can try that in your new cs go smurf account.

The everlasting Vandal vs Phantom conundrum? It’s time to compare both in Deathmatch and see which one works best for you, one tap in the head with Vandal or faster fire rate and more forgiving Phantom? In Deathmatch, discover your style and start dominating ranked games.

You should have no trouble finding a viable weapon or two to test out. For example, Odin may be just as effective in ranked matches as it is in casual ones; give it a go.


2. Warm-up mode for deathmatch is ideal.

Valorant’s practice mode, in which you can shake the chilly hands and warm-up for ranked games, is already exceptional.

In a deathmatch, you compete against actual people instead of computers. They’re frequently very skilled in real life. The real thing just can’t compare to the practice range. If you’re a new player you can also go through with our Best Valorant New Player Tips. My coworkers and I have been playing a few deathmatches before joining ranked since Deathmatch was implemented.


3. Have fun with it.

After a long session of ranked games, where you’re likely to be quite exhausted, simply jump into some deathmatches and have fun while practicing. There are no stakes.

It wouldn’t hurt to catch up with a lower or higher ranked friend than you and play some games with him, which will be beneficial for your health in the long run and therefore your rated performance the next time you play it.

We’ll finish off the Deathmatch tutorial by wrapping things up.

I hope you enjoyed my short analysis of the Valorant deathmatch! I’d like to take a second to show you how to obtain that rank you’ve always desired.

Good luck!