Shroud explains why Valorant is better than CS:GO

Shroud explains why Valorant is better than CS_GO

Valorant is a new game that has been released by Riot Games to compete with CS:GO. It has become a social phenomenon, with immense popularity. One question that has been raised is which of the two games is more better and challenging, the new guys Valorant, or the veteran Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, a renowned Twitch streamer and former Counter-Strike pro who has made a recent return to playing Valorant, argues that Valorant will be more successful than CS:GO.

“It’s just better.” Shroud said when asked about Valorant by his viewers.

This blog post will explore what made him say this and how it might affect the gaming industry as a whole.

In his own stream, Shroud has spoken on the matter and said that he feels Valorant is easier than CS:GO. Valorant has been made with a wider range of gamers in mind. “This game’s skill ceiling is much lower than that of Counter-Strike.” Shroud adds, “This game is different from other FPSs in that it’s trying to reach to people who have never played a first-person shooter before.” Counter-Strike is a hotly contested game that has high demands for skill acquisition, which means you have to spend hours and hours honing your abilities. Shroud has said that “Valorant is not as punishing.”

Valorant Vs CS:GO

Shroud also mentioned that CS:GO a garbage game. Shroud pointed out the cheater problem with CS:GO, Where someone will be aim hacking, wall backing, or even using a spin bot in almost every game, which just ruins the experience for everyone. Even when someone buys CSGO Smurf accounts, It kills the gaming community. It makes low-ranked players (Gold nova and below) hate to play the game or make smurf accounts of their own to mess with the silvers. It just ruins games and the csgo rank system.

What will be done: Nothing, because steam makes money off more CS:GO Accounts sales. Those who rage and make multiple csgo smurf accounts to ruin the CS:GO community for others are making money for Steam. In the harsh reality of it all, nothing will be done about matchmaking in CS:GO and we’ll continue to have one of the biggest jokes in csgo gaming community.

Valorant is a safer experience for players compared to CS:GO due to the implementation of the Vanguard anti-cheat system. They’re also going after cheaters and those who create hacks, even putting out a US$100,000 bounty on those who can find a way to exploit the Vanguard system. But we shouldn’t forget that Smurfs in Valorant are also a serious problem these days, Gamers do buy Valorant Smurf Accounts in seek of a better gaming experience, but in reality, they ruin games for low-ranking players.

Shroud also feels that the road to making it in CS:GO is a long and complicated one. Players seeking to improve on CS:GO may need to sign up for ESEA and FACEIT. In contrast, Valorant’s new top 200 leaderboard is the perfect way to scout players for the pro scene.

This is how Shroud’s former team Cloud9 found their sixth Valorant roster member. Cloud9 took notice when Michael “poiz” Possis moved up to the top spot of the North America Valorant leaderboard.

North America is filled with plenty of skilled and talented players who get stuck in B-tier rosters and competitions because CS:GO is such a competitive game and being recognized is difficult. New players in North America will always struggle in CS:GO until they either earn a Major victory or defeat the top teams in Europe and CIS.

Take TSM pro, Matthew “Wardell” Yu for example. Wardell has won multiple tournaments in North America for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. He even qualified and competed in world-class tournaments like the Flashpoint tournament. But he ended his CS:GO career without a team. The team he competed under in Flashpoint Season 1 was unsigned and called Orgless because they were Canadian.

Once he made the switch to Valorant, he was signed by TSM and has been considered as a top team in North America. We have seen players like Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella and Timothy “autimatic” Ta, both of whom are legendary CS:GO pros, switching to Valorant.

Shroud has a valid point in saying that CS:GO will continue to decline, while Valorant is just getting started.