Why you should go with Supreme Master First Class PRIME Ready:

All CSGO players very well know about the csgo hackers that spoil the game and the perk of playing with competitive players as well. They also know that in this regard prime accounts are the only source that can help them achieve the above two goals. It will help patrons of csgo play with the team that has the same skill level as well as against skillful enemies and help you avoid hackers to the maximum extent. Among the bundle of csgo accounts and their categories, Supreme Master First Class Prime Ready comes after the Global Elite Accounts in terms of power and features. SMFCs prime is the second-highest account because it has unique features and is worth buying. To get cherished with all the perks, place your order now.

Features of Supreme Master First Class Prime Ready:

The account is all set for Prime Matchmaking.

The rank of the account is Supreme Master First Class

No competitive Cooldown

No accessibility of hackers and software

Have a clear VAC status

The package involves:

The ID and Password of the Steam Account

Counter-Strike Global Offensive *1

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We have a good name in the csgo market and alot of satisfied customers. The most appealing fact about us is that we offer accounts at a rate less than other csgo account suppliers. We are the best fit for you all as we don't believe in making our customers wait. So we deliver the accounts to the mailing address of our customers as soon as possible. If you are still not satisfied, you can contact us through live chat and get all the answers you want instantly. The customer support team of Ezsmurfs is ready to respond back within 24 hours.