Silver 1 – Silver 2 Non-Prime [Instant Delivery]


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CSGO Silver 1 and Silver 2 Non Prime Accounts for sale
Silver 1 – Silver 2 Non-Prime [Instant Delivery]



The Silvers Non-Prime accounts are an ideal opportunity to smurf in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Silver 1 and Silver 2 Non-Prime are the lowest ranks in CS GO. The most interesting fact about these accounts is that only 2 to 4 percent of the CS GO gaming community has these ranks or playing at these ranks. This is the major reason that these ranks are ideal platforms to smurf in. The other interesting fact about these ranks is that they are perfect ranks to smurf in if you are in the learning phase of the game because it is full of newcomers and low skilled players. However, it is also used by high ranked players. High ranked players create a new account to fight and humiliate newcomers. As killing newcomers is a piece of cake to kill an above-average player in this rank.


Avail best and reliable accounts:

We come up with high-quality services and reliable accounts for our clients. We are reliable enough that you will never face the risks and chances of the lockdown of accounts. You will surely have perfect gameplay using Silver accounts and achieve high ranks easily. So don’t waste more time and jump straight to the order and get instant delivery.


Get your accounts instantly:

You will be provided with the accounts in seconds after clearing the payment. The account will be delivered on your Mailing address soon after the payment is cleared..


Features of Silver I and II Non-Prime:

  • CS GO is already added to the account.
  • Unlocked Rank
  • 10-50 Wins
  • Private Rank 3-6
  • No third Parties and hacks are used throughout the process.


The package comprises:

You will get

  • Steam Username
  • Steam Password

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