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Buy reliable csgo prime accounts:

As a huge amount of people are nowadays attracted to the powerful gameplay of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. For achieving higher ranks with ease, they buy csgo ranked accounts from online platforms. Ezsmurfs is a prominent name in the gaming industry and offers trusted and reliable csgo smurf ranked accounts. It also offers the Prime Accounts that will immensely facilitate you in the gameplay of csgo and help you in achieving higher ranks and become a pro player. The accounts are boosted by professionals and are entirely safe and convenient to use. The Prime accounts will facilitate you in the gameplay and provide you with a smooth and error-free gaming experience.

Famous variants of Prime Accounts:

Ezsmurfs carries all the prominent and in-demand variants of csgo prime accounts including prime with high hours. The accounts here are entirely protected to ensure the 100% security and satisfaction of customers. The prominent platform majorly understands all the needs and wants of gaming lovers and provides them with whatever they want.

Features of CS GO Prime Accounts:

The prime accounts comprise of following features:

  • Matchmaking: Ready
  • Prime Status: Enabled
  • No interruption of any third parties software or hacks

The package further includes:

  • 1 Steam Account
  • 1 Steam Username
  • 1 Steam Password
  • 1 Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Cheaper rates all over the Internet:

Ezsmurfs is offering high-quality services and popular variants of Counter-Strike Global Offensive ranked accounts at affordable rates. It is listed in most reasonable platforms all over the internet. Moreover, the delivery bot system immediately delivers the account after the successful payment is done. The particular account and all required details are delivered instantly at the provided mailing address.

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