High Tier CSGO Prime Accounts

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Looking for the best CS GO Prime Accounts?

If you are looking to buy csgo prime accounts for smooth gameplay of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, then you are at the perfect place. Ezsmurfs is one of the most famous and popular gaming service providers all over the internet and has developed a great level of trustworthiness among its customers by providing them support every time they need it. It comes up with all the smurf ranked csgo accounts that will provide you safe and easy gameplay. These accounts will provide you with the best experience of gameplay if you are just starting playing counter strike global offensive. Csgo prime accounts are the ones who are very much in demand and highly encouraged by the gaming lovers.

Astonishing Variety of Csgo Prime Accounts:

Being one of the most prominent and major platforms across the online market, ezsmurfs brings you all the amazing collection of csgo accounts including the high tier csgo prime accounts. Moreover the high tier csgo prime accounts have a combination of extra rewards and bonuses as well that will appreciate your efforts and time towards the game. It also carries all the popular and trendy collection of csgo accounts and you can avail that any time.

Csgo Prime Accounts features:

The csgo ranked accounts carries an enormous list of features including

Matchmaking: Ready

Competitive Wins: 150 to 4000

Playing Hours: 500 to 10000

Prime Status: Enabled

No access to third parties software or hacks

The package further comprises:

1 Steam Account

1 Steam Username

1 Steam Password

1 Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Avail csgo ranked Accounts in economical rates with rapid delivery:

Ezsmurfs offers all the counter strike global offensive ranked accounts at affordable rates. It is also listed amongst the top best reasonable platforms all over the internet. Moreover, it comes with the best responsive delivery system. The account details are instantly delivered as soon as you clear the payment. The particular account is delivered with all required details on the provided mailing address.