Increase FPS in CS:GO by Optimizing Background Processes – Detailed Guide

Are you a CS:GO player that’s looking to get the most out of your game? One way to do this is by optimizing background processes. This guide will teach you how! Let’s take a look at what we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Increase FPS in CS:GO by Optimizing Background Processes
  • Improve Your Ping with Windows 10 Settings
  • Increase Performance on Low End Systems for Competitive Play

Players of CS:GO share a common desire to increase their FPS (frames per second) in-game. In the past, players have tried many different solutions but lately this has become less about improving performance and more about gaining any possible advantage against opponents. CS:GO is heavily dependent on the CPU performance of a player’s system. As such, it is beneficial to optimize background processes while gaming. Small optimizations can lead to huge gains in FPS as the CPU starts giving more priority to CS:GO by freeing itself up from tasks that are less essential for gameplay.

These two programs will optimize system processes when playing CS:GO, yielding a boost in FPS instantly.

How to Boost FPS by Optimizing CS:GO – Complete Guide

There are various aspects and settings related to CS:GO that need to be optimized for the player’s system in order to get the maximum response time. One such method players overlook is optimizing the many active and passive processes running in the background while you play CS:GO. Buy CSGO Accounts and get going in the world of pros/

According to Co-Founder of Refrag, Casey Foster, a set of programs that came about as a result of her work with Process Lasso and GameBoostHD resulted in the ability to experience 60 FPS.

FPS is a continuous topic of discussion for gamers, especially as the new update increases the demands on PC hardware. There are a few applications that help increase FPS by freeing up unused CPU power and redirecting it to CS:GO automatically.

Main benefits: Helps with load times and has limited compatibility requirements.

Downloading the following two programs will give you all of the tools necessary to maximize FPS in CS:GO and have your game run as smoothly as possible.


  • Open your preferred browser and download GameBoostHD by ‘Clicking Here‘.
  • GameBoostHD is a program that you download. It works on computers, but it does not need an installer or a user interface. It does have a .exe file which is the executable file.
  • Once you run the program it keeps running in the background. It has a way to detect when someone is playing a game and then automatically optimize other things in the background.
  • The program will stop when the user shuts down or restarts the system.
  • If you want the program to start when your computer starts, you can create a shortcut in your Start/Programs/Startup folder.

Process Lasso

There are several downloads and programs to try if you want to improve your CS:GO game performance, but most of them require installation. With the Process Lasso download by clicking here, there is nothing more required than downloading it in order for it to become active. From within this program, users can make a few changes that will make it even better. The recommended settings are as follows,

  • Open Process Lasso and give CS:GO the priority to “Set Always”.
  • Then uncheck the ‘CPU 0’ option under the ‘CPU Affinity’ field.
  • To set the priority of your CPU to high, next click on ‘CPU Priority’ in the settings tab.
  • Finally, go to the ‘Application Power Profile’ and select the Bitsum Highest Performance.

Once you have these two applications up and running in the background, along with CS:GO, you should observe a net increase in FPS in-game. Plus, both of these programs are lightweight on your system so they won’t hinder your overall performance. However, if their whole concept failed then it would not be worth it.