How To Stay Motivated In Csgo?

How To Stay Motivated In Csgo?

Matchmaking is one significant aspect of csgo. Every player goes through this making no matter the player is highly ranked or not. Many players think that matchmaking is only for high-ranked players as only it can judge who is good and who is not, but this should not be your only concern. The only thing a player should be concerned about the skills and the performance level. All players should have a clear objective that all they need is to improve. There is nothing wrong when it comes to csgo, performance and improvement are all measured using matchmaking. However, for all players, if they feel they are improving should be of more value than matchmaking results.

Cs go is not only about fragging, but it also involves much more. If you are playing similar to a player that has a high-ranked account that you are moving on the right path. For example, you perform similarly to a high-ranked player in the match, then don’t lose your heart. Players that focus more on-site, skills, bomb sites, gaming strategy, and much more are more successful and on the right track rather than one that focuses more on achieving a high rank.

Motivate Your Team

Another way to keep everyone around you motivated and skillful is to give them significantly. Instead of giving more value to high ranking, go with what is good for your team. There are so many ways through which you can motivate your team. Some of the most effective and common ways are given below.

  • Let suppose you and your team are playing a match and you are losing then don’t lose heart and motivate them by boosting up their morals with your words. For example, say them that we can do it together, we can still win this, etc.
  • If you are losing a game, never blame any of the team members for it as it destroys the player’s morale.
  • Guide them where they need to attack. Point the location you want to target on the map.
  • If any of the team members are not able to attack a site effectively, change the style, and offer him something the player feels comfortable in.

Help Your Team:

To be a good team and win, you all need to have all the resources. If a team player has a lot of weapons and the other one has no weapons, then you cannot create a balance. So always help your team members in all possible ways. Sometimes players only help the team member they know, but this is not right. You need to help and keep every team playing together. For this purpose, offer them your weapons, offer them cash if you have enough and the other player has low cash. The other significant thing is not to lose hope in your team. The common mistake many people make is that if they are losing in a match, they prefer to switch the team. However, doing this won’t help you. You may luckily find a good team but not always.

On the other hand, help your team member by telling them how to use all resources. Many players don’t know the use of a mic. So tell your team members to use it so that team players can have better communication and also if one player needs backup, others can know it instantly. Coming to the buying and selling of things, many players make this mistake that while playing they but something that is way more than what other players have. For example, a player goes to the store and buys a weapon for $2400 which can be more for others.

Self Groom:

Else than these things, there are some significant things that players can do for their own self. For example, if you are looking forward to playing two to three matches in a row to rank up to the legendary eagle master, then before going into the game drink water to keep yourself hydrated. Else than this, you can create a comfortable environment by playing your favorite songs with your favorite drink in hand. All these things will stop you from over things that lead to distraction.

Wrapping Up:

Playing csgo in a way that you gain more skills day by day and improve,  needs some critical points to follow. Keeping yourself and your team motivated and focus is the main in all. By following the above points, you can keep your team and yourself motivated in all situations and can rank up and grow together. So if you are more into self-improvement and want to gain skill, then follow the above points and enjoy the best that csgo can offer.

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