How To Hold Bomb Site In Csgo As A Terrorist Side

How To Hold Bomb Site In Csgo As A Terrorist Side

The main purpose of a csgo match is to kill the enemy before he kills you. In order to achieve this goal you need to go through alot.One of the most followed strategies that mostly do is planting bombs. So in order to win, you also need to place the bomb into the bombsite to make things difficult for your opponent. Now when you have planted the bomb into the enemy’s bomb site, the opponent has only 20-30 secs to defend. However, defending at that time is a difficult approach as the other team will be focusing on killing you. In order I explain this, in this blog, we will discuss Dust’s 2 bomb sites. However, you may use the same technique and scenarios for other maps as well. So let’s have a look at different scenarios to understand:

How to Plant A Bomb:

There are some significant aspects that you need to take into account. Let us have a look at each of it:

First thing is to search for all the corners that are the best option to hide CT. Else than this, don’t ignore any bombsite that has the smoke. There is nothing in it to worry about.

After you search and ensure that there is no one around the bomb site and it’s safe, its time you protect the bomb planter. You can go for this step, if you have two or more then two players left. As at the time one of the players is planting the bomb, the other should be protecting him from all the sides. At the time the player how is planting is in danger so only the other player of the team can protect his life.

The third most significant thing is the right place to plant. While you are choosing the spot to plant, keep this tip in mind that the spot which is most unsafe to plant is the most unsafe place to defuse as well. So if you can risk yourself to plant at such a spot, your chances win increases by 50%.

Apart from these above tips, there are some other minor things that you need to keep in mind while planting a bomb:

All the members should have a variety of weapons through which you can take both long-range and close-range aims.

It’s up to you which spot you choose but the fact is the tougher the bomb is to plant the tougher it is to dispose of.

Example Of Bomb Planting :

In D dust 2, you and your team decide to hold the bombsite A.While doing so, two of your team member got killed. Going to the weapons you are using, let suppose you and your team have an Awp and  2 AK47.So keeping the scenario in mind, the best spot to plant for the pit. As one of your team members can easily aim at the planted bomb while sitting in the pit.

Example Of Holding:

Now if you are done with deciding and planting the bomb to a place where you want, it’s time to focus on holding. like planting, there is a thumb rule as well when it comes to holding. Make sure that you and your team cover as many entries as you can and at the same time ensure that one entry is not watched by two players of the team. In many cases, teammates prefer not to look after the CT spawn or long, so in that case, don’t mess up or get aggressive. Just go to the spot yourself and watch for it. Getting hyper will turn out to be the biggest disadvantage to you and your team at that instant of time.

Scenario 1:

In order to explain the above point in detail, let’s have a look at the following scenario.

As defined above planting to an open area is the best choice to go with but at the same time, it may leave you with 2vs3 or 1vs3. So a cover from all the sides will help you make it at least 2vs3. So make sure if you are planting in the pit which is the clearest option when it comes to open plant, you need to take extra care of the cover.

Wrapping Up:

Every high-ranked player of cs go that may play with guardian elite master or legendary eagle master follow the bomb planting and holding thumb rule to win the match. Similarly, while you play, choose the right spot to plant, after analyzing your current condition. If you are good in number and strength, try to go for open spots as doing this will make the game difficult for your opponent. The last thing that’s most important is the positioning of teammates while holding and planting, so to be successful, you need an effective positioning strategy as well.

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