How Do I Change My Mouse Sensitivity In CS GO?

How Do I Change My Mouse Sensitivity In CS GO?

We had to endure a lot of changes in 2020. With the pandemic being upon us, many of us found our solitude in different places whether it’s in social media, working out, work from home, or online gaming. Our lives have changed with the presence of the virtual world with the space-age device called “The internet” now. Online presence is in many forms, as a blogger, vlogger, or even a gamer.

Games can now be played in any form. Online with any type of computer, it’s not necessary to have a PlayStation or Xbox anymore hence online gaming has taken a turn for the high road! Gaming now is altogether a different experience. For instance, online gaming allows you to play with various players who can be anywhere around the world and not sitting with you on your sofa. With different platforms changing the experience of games, there are many other things that affect it too.

Frames per second for example can make or break your escapade. FPS basically determines the number of time-images will appear continuously on your screen. It needs to be fixed and set according to your PC restart rate and levels on a particular game. Mouse sensitivity is one of the essential things to be looked at in online gaming. Your mouse is your gun hence you need to have maximum control over it. Nowadays, many games are released and each has a different experience to offer. Many graphic designers and software engineers have spent their time perfecting the virtual world like the outside world.

Counter-strike: Global Offense also known as CS GO is one of the popular games of 2020. It was launched 19 years ago and has evolved ever since. It’s a shooting game that is played with many players and modes. It’s more like team-based action gameplay. It has features like new maps, weapons, tools, gear, various modes, and challenges. For example, master guardian elite is when the rank in Cs Go starts to get heated and competitive. Only high ranked players can play this game as they have the experience and aim which will be used to target and throw grenades and shoot effectively on both sides of the game. Mouse sensitivity here is highly important. For beginners especially, their target and aim are off as their sensitivity is way high! You can always tune it and change it later when you get a grip of the game.

There are ways you can change your mouse sensitivity in Cs Go even when in master guardian eliteThe easiest one can be to swap your mouse for a new one. Make sure to keep your mouse mat clean so that your mouse sensitivity is smooth. Try rebuilding your configuration from the start to make sure nothing is influencing the mouse acceleration. You can always reinstall CS GO and verify the files. Another way is to change your mouse settings from default in windows. You can go to the windows control panel then click on the mouse icon and the mouse properties will appear. Then go to the pointer options tab. You need to make sure the speed if your pointer is at an equal ratio like 6:11 or 5:9. So that the mouse setting and windows settings are running connectively with no acceleration or modification that can affect your mouse. Remember not to check the enhanced pointer precision box! It will just make your slip of your mouse mat and ruin your aim. After configuring the windows, you need to set your mouse in the game. Go to CS GO and mouse or keyboard settings, make sure your mouse sensitivity is 1, raw input is on and mouse acceleration is off! Now your mouse is completely in your control without any overalls and modification even if your windows get a glitch in settings, your in-game mouse is good to go.

Another thing to set and check before you start if your DPI settings. Dots per inch is actually the number of pixels in one inch. Mouse DPI and PPI let your computer know the number of times and position of the mouse moved. For instance, if you have 400 CPI – counts per inch, then your computer will know your mouse moved 400 times for every inch traveled. Hence it is the most accurate way to check the sensitivity of a mouse when moved. USP port and polling rate also change the sensitivity of your mouse is not wireless as it affects the intervals between a click and the computer. Hence, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You will have a more pleasing and thrilling experience if these things are taken care of beforehand.

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