Games to Play If You Love Counter-Strike

Games to Play If You Love Counter-Strike

Counter-strike is one of the tactical games that shook the gaming industry. All of the four series of Counter-strike hold huge fan base and are considered one of the most admired games of the decade. If you are into gaming, you might have heard about the Counter-strike Global Offensive, commonly known as CSGO.

The game CSGO, like all the other games in the counter-strike series, is a first-person-shooter-game with multiple players. People are so much into the game that they shop CSGO accounts for better gameplay and the best gaming experience relative to the free users playing the game.

Counter-strike series offer the best graphics to the players. Not just graphics, but the maps, gameplay, gaming assets, skins, and weapons, everything is so lethal that no gamer can resist the deal. Players meet and play with gamers from all around the globe in a very friendly and competitive environment.

Players who play the game for unlimited hours are so much addicted to the game that they put a stop to all other activities except gaming. Their social and educational life is at a risk.

So what should you do, stop playing the game you love so much? Well, No, nobody is going to stop you from playing, but yes, there is advice for pals like you. Start playing some other, light games so that you can limit your gaming time.

Here is a list of games, with gameplay very much similar to the Counter-strike:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege:

Ever heard of the name? No? Well, it is one of the games which are very much like counter-strike. No game can have this much resemblance with counter-strike as this game has. Like counter-strike, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege is also a teamwork-based game, where you have to compete with the enemy as well as accomplish some goals and objectives.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is also a first-person-shooter game and is considered the best among all the vintage and classic ones.


Valorant is a game that caused so much buzz in the gaming industry that the top players from the very famous games like, call of duty, and counter-strike Global Offensive were seen to leave their games for Valorant.

Why would a top player leave his respective game for a new release? Well, Because Valorant offers gameplay that is considered the carbon copy of the Counter-strike.

The best feature of the game is that it provides very lethal gunplay, which is very important to gamers. Other than deadly weapons the game offers special abilities to the players that come with the weapons.


The squad has made its place in the hearts of the fans as well as the critics after advancement and amendments. It offers immersive and powerful action to the players. It can accommodate and boat around 100 players at a time, given about 20 maps and seven factions. This boating procedure is what makes it one of the best games.

A Squad player experiences military warfare, as players communicate through military-like short commands which offer them the best and quick communication among each other. And this feature is very much admired by the counter-strike players.


Counter-Strike is a multiplayer game, where one team is usually a terrorist team and the other counter-terrorist team. Both the teams compete with each other and accomplish individual goals to win the game. Same gameplay is found in the game ‘evolve’, where one team represents ‘hunters’ and the other ‘monsters’.

Each player/character in the game is given special and unique moves to make their gaming experience best and up to date. There is also an option where the players can choose to be medics, supporters, trappers, etc. to assist their teammates in ways other than combat.

Counter-strike players enjoy playing the game, as the gameplay is very much similar but a new relationship is formed among the opponents; hunter and monster. Evolve is considered a very difficult game, and is labelled among one of the toughest games in the gaming world.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:

Counter-strike players will be the kings of the game because it is considered way too easy or comfortable by the counter-strike players. They will be the ones to give the tips and tricks of the game to the novice or in-experienced players.

As the players of the counter-strike series know when to attack and when to hold back, they can win this game in no time. When a player knows when to attack, and how to react in worse situations he is skilled and is equipped with the best skill set.

If you love playing games like espionage, and other games that offer hostage situations and scenarios, then, ‘Call of the Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ is the best choice for you.

And for the players, who are bored with winning counter-strike, try your luck in this game and let the opponents get jealous and infuriated by your skills!

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