CSGO Trust Factor could be forcing you against cheaters

CSGO's Trust Factor could be forcing you against cheaters

When it comes to playing against cheaters in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CSGO Trust Factor may be more important than having a CSGO Prime account.

Several competitive video games, including CSGO, have implemented some conduct scores in recent years. The system, known as Trust Factor, is used to estimate how well a player behaves in-game. The Trust Factor score of a player can significantly impact who they match up with and against. A low Trust Factor score could cause a higher influx of cheaters in Valve matchmaking. Fortunately, there are ways for CSGO players to check their Trust score and improve it over time.

Trust Factor is determined by various factors, some of which have nothing to do with CSGO at all. The most important factor appears to be in-game behavior while playing Valve’s tactical shooter. Multiple reports for disruptive voice communications, griefing, or cheating are the quickest way to reduce your CSGO Trust Factor. Another way to reduce one’s Trust score is to leave matches early or to play infrequently.

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Playing too much CSGO can also lead to a decrease in Trust. Valve believes that because a smurf or cheater would only use one Steam account to play CSGO, ignoring the rest of your games library can make matchmaking worse. Valve admits that the Trust Factor system can occasionally fail, resulting in a poor user experience for everyone.

Players with low Trust Factors are more likely to be matched with and against other players with low Trust Factors in Valve matchmaking. Because of how players lose Trust, this can increase the number of cheaters and griefers. Given that it is possible to have a low Trust score by doing nothing wrong in the first place, some diehard CSGO fans may be punished for devoting their time to their favorite game.

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How to Examine and Improve the Trust Factor in CSGO?

If any of the above sounds familiar, you should double-check your CSGO Trust Factor. There is no easy way to do this, as is typical of Valve. Fans’ favorite methods include inviting players to a lobby and then asking if anyone has received a warning message. Valve will notify the other players of your low Trust Factor. Yellow messages indicate a mediocre Trust Factor, whereas red messages indicate a meager score.

CSGO Trust Factor
CSGO Trust Factor

There are some fan-suggested ways to increase Trust Factor. Playing a long series of matches with no reports is an easy way to gain Trust. Another method is to play other Steam games or open other games and go AFK.


Finally, some players believe that having an expensive inventory or spending money can improve the matchmaking experience. While this may appear suspicious at first glance, Valve believes that players would not spend money on an account they expect to be banned from.