CS:GO Launch Options 2023 – Boost FPS and Increase Performance

In the competitive world of CS:GO, every player strives for optimal performance to gain an edge over their opponents. One effective method to enhance your gaming experience is by utilizing launch options. These command-line arguments can be added to the CS:GO launch parameters, allowing you to customize the game’s settings and optimize it for your specific hardware. In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into the latest CS:GO launch options for 2023 that can significantly boost your FPS (frames per second) and maximize overall performance.

Table of Contents

Launch Options:

Launch OptionDescription
-novidSkipping the Valve Introduction Video
-highPrioritizing CPU Usage
-tickrate XAdjusting the Server Tick Rate
-threads XOptimizing CPU Core Utilization
-nod3d9ex1Reducing Alt-Tab Time (with Potential Input Lag)
-nojoyDisabling Joystick Support
-freq XSetting the Maximum Refresh Rate
  1. -novid: Skipping the Valve Introduction Video The “-novid” launch option enables you to bypass the Valve introduction video that plays when CS:GO launches. By eliminating this video, you can save valuable seconds during the game’s startup, allowing for a quicker entry into the action.
  2. -high: Prioritizing CPU Usage The “-high” launch option prioritizes CS:GO’s CPU usage, allocating more system resources to the game. This can result in improved performance, especially if you have a multi-core processor. By maximizing CPU utilization, the game can run smoother and more efficiently.
  3. -tickrate X: Adjusting the Server Tick Rate By replacing “X” with your desired tick rate value (typically 128 or 64), you can modify the frequency at which the server updates the game state. Increasing the tick rate can enhance the smoothness of gameplay and improve overall responsiveness. It’s important to note that this option only applies when hosting or joining community servers.
  4. -threads X: Optimizing CPU Core Utilization The “-threads X” launch option allows you to specify the number of CPU threads available on your system. This option helps CS:GO utilize multiple cores efficiently, leading to enhanced performance on multi-core processors. Make sure to input the accurate number of threads supported by your CPU to achieve optimal results.
  5. -nod3d9ex1: Reducing Alt-Tab Time (with Potential Input Lag) The “-nod3d9ex1” launch option disables the DirectX 9Ex extension, which can reduce the time it takes to switch between CS:GO and other applications. However, using this option may introduce a slight input lag. Experiment with this option to determine if it positively affects your performance without noticeably impacting your gameplay.
  6. -nojoy: Disabling Joystick Support If you don’t use any joystick or gamepad devices while playing CS:GO, the “-nojoy” launch option can free up system resources by disabling joystick support. This can potentially boost your FPS and provide a slight performance improvement by eliminating unnecessary background processes.
  7. -freq X: Setting the Maximum Refresh Rate By replacing “X” with the refresh rate of your monitor, the “-freq X” launch option ensures that CS:GO matches your monitor’s capabilities. This setting sets the maximum refresh rate for the game, which helps eliminate screen tearing and provides a smoother gameplay experience.


CS:GO launch options offer a powerful method to optimize your gaming experience and maximize performance. By utilizing the launch options mentioned above, you can tailor the game to better suit your hardware and preferences. It’s important to experiment with different combinations and monitor performance changes to find the settings that work best for you. Remember to adjust the settings accordingly and pay attention to the impact on your FPS and overall gameplay. By harnessing the power of CS:GO launch options in 2023, you can elevate your gaming experience, gain an advantage, and maximize your potential on the virtual battlefield.

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