Csgo Beginners Best Friend: SCAR 20

Csgo beginners best friend: SCAR 20

Picking the correct weapon for the match is an expertise that few out of every csgo player has. To get this skill you need to know about different weapons and their pros and cons. Let us start with the common SCAR 20 which is also known as Auto by the csgo players. The weapon is mostly used by the newbie players of csgo. The reason why it is good for newbie players is its ease of use and no skill requirement. New players can generate fruitful results by using this weapon as compared to other weapons. The thrilling part is that no matter the gun is easy to use, its outcomes and working match the level of other popular weapons like AWP. If you are still not satisfied, you need to know more about the weapon through this blog. Let us begin with the upsides and downsides of SCAR 20. These advantages and disadvantages will assist you with settling on the correct decision of weapon.

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Plus Points of SCAR 20:

Pros will help you know about all the benefits this weapon can offer:

The damage per second of this weapon is quite high.
It has an ammo capacity worth buying.
It has an impressively long-range.
No other weapon can leave a better impression in hip firing then this weapon.
Doesn’t require much effort for a perfect hit.
You can use this weapon easily even you don’t have any skill at the start.

Negative Points of SCAR 20:

Negative Points will help you know about the aspects you need to work on yourself:

If you are low on budget then you may find it costly.
Scooping provides you with tunnel vision.
The wait gap after every shot can make you lose the next target or get killed by the enemy.
The mobility of this weapon is low.

How And When To Use SCAR 20:

You can use this weapon throughout a match but if talk about the most on spot time to use it then it’s when you reach a thin passage or a choke point. Apart from this, if you are a part of a competitive match and you can see more then one target in front of you that you need to kill in a short time, then nothing can assist you better then a SCAR 20. The most fascinating part about the SCAR 20 is that if shot the bullet will not only kill the first target but will damage the second one as well that is standing behind him. You can kill a player by targeting his body easily but when you have a chance to get a headshot who will go for an easy kill? No one.


If you don’t know how to change your position according to weapon and situation, then even the best weapon of csgo will not work for you. So to produce fruitful outcomes with SCAR 20, you need to position yourself properly. To make you understand this let see an example. If you are using SCAR 20, choose a point of the map where your angle is small as compared to the choke point. Doing this will make the mouse movement and crosshair of your weapon limited.

What Not To Do:

When you are looking for the right position, you need to consider certain things. The main thing you have to take into account is group backup. While overrun, make sure you have a teammate by your side that provides you cover or the escape is so smooth. If you will not keep this while positioning, you may die soon in a match which can prove to be a great disadvantage for your team. At time you will know that you are stuck between enemies and you will die. At that instant of time, put your whole effort into the game to kill as many enemies as you can. All these scenarios can change with the type of map you will choose. Mostly in the csgo journey, you will come across three maps that are Dust 2, inferno, and Mirage. To find the right position in this match, you need to follow the above same rules for all three of them.

Wrapping Up:

Weapons are your only friend when it comes to csgo matches. As weapons are the most major thing that can save you from the enemy. So with your master guardian elite account, you can try all the weapons especially SCAR 20 to decide which ones work for you the best. If you are a new player then without any doubt, SCAR 20 is the safest option to play with. I hope the blog made the use, benefits, and disadvantages of SCAR 20 clear for you and it helps you boost your ranking position in csgo in the future at a fast speed.

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