CSGO and How It Works

CSGO and How It Works

CSGO is a first-place shooter game and is the fourth game in the counter-striker series. It is a multiplayer game and released for windows at the start. In August 2012, it was released for play station as well because of its popularity and demand.

In CSGO, there are two opposing teams, and they have to complete their tasks. Players are pits into terrorist and counter strikers. The terrorist team has to plant a bomb in the vicinity of counter strikers. They also have to snatch hostages from counter strikers. Whereas, the strikers have to prevent the plantation of a bomb.

If the terrorist’s team gets successful in their task, strikers have to defuse it before it explodes and they die. They also have to protect the hostages. The game is played in the form of rounds, and there are nine modes of this game. In each mode, there are 30 rounds. And the characteristics of every mode can vary from one and another. There are specific features for every mode, and players have to face all the problems that come with those features.

How CSGO Winner is decided?

As the game is round-based, the winner is decided by rounds. And the team that wins more rounds becomes the winner. Also, the other team not only loses the match but loses the hostages too. There are special weapons, and they are given to winners once they complete a specific task of CSGO.

As soon as the round ends, the performance of the player and their team is assessed. And after assessing, they are awarded rewards according to their performance. Rewards are given in the form of money and weapons. They can utilize the money in buying weapons of their choice. Weapons are the most loved gift of players because they found it a luxury. Having a special weapon, gives them the feeling of superiority, and it also helps in dealing with their enemies if they are not having that particular weapon.

As the game proceeds and the players win rounds after rounds, their level of difficulty also increases. After winning 20 rounds, the players reach the second level of the game. On reaching the second level players are awarded ranks. And along with ranks, hostages are also given to them.

How Does Rank Work in CSGO?

Getting ranked in CSGO is not easy; initially, you have to win ten replacement matches. If you get successful in winning them, you get your first rank. And it is given when you reach the second level of the game. There is a two-day limit of winning ten matches, and if you succeed in them, you get your first rank. And CSGO calculates your calibre in all this time. Later add you to a group of 18 killed players.

When you become a part of 18 skilled players, an option of playing as many matches as you can is given. But there are some limitations to it. And one of them is that you can only play with five members of higher or lower of your position. Your rank will continuously change based on the number of games you win or lose. Or in simple words, your failures and success will decide your rank. And the logic behind it has not been revealed yet. But, it’s been stated that take your team with you in it.

Team efforts matter in CSGO, and if the team is doing well, there is nothing that can stop you.  If you stop playing for a month, your kill group will be removed. You would no longer be a part of it, and then you have to start from zero. All you have achieved during this time will vanish away, and you begin from the start. You are also not allowed to play with players having ranks because you have to regain them before.

If you are not in the queue of ranked players, you cannot qualify for Master Guardian or higher levels. An unranked player will not be able to play with players having high ranks. And it is one of the rules of CSGO. Players can also buy CSGO accounts to take the game forward or to compensate for their losses.

CSGO received all the praise and love from people. And people wrote positive reviews when it was released. Initially, it got popular, but then it was an addictive game. Students spend most of their time on it, and parents showed their concern in return. As it is a multiplayer game, it involves a maximum number of people at one time. And this is one reason behind its addiction.

It was criticized for its early features, and players companied for not being available on play station. But then makers fixed the problem, and it released on play stations as well in august 2012.

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