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How To Control Your Anger In Csgo?

How To Control Your Anger In Csgo

You must be thinking how csgo and anger are connected right? Let us start with an example to make you understand the relation. Let suppose you are playing a team that always kills you with a headshot soon after the match starts so this time you get to the best location to get the headshot […]

Manual To Csgo Crosshair For Csgo Players

Manual To Csgo Crosshair For Csgo Players

Cs go was released a long time ago to satisfy the cravings of gamers, but from the very start, players were in charge of the game. Valve designed the game in a way that players can customize many features of it according to the gameplay. In the same way, the players of csgo are given […]

Top tricks to improve the gaming experience

Top tricks to improve the gaming experience

Counter-Strike Global Offensive seems to be a simple game in the first look. Shooting the enemies while running around cannot be that tough right? No, it’s not. Once you will get to play and know about csgo, you will now its difficulty level. The game has much more in it then what can be seen […]

A Starting Guide For Csgo Beginners

A starting guide for csgo beginners

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a user-friendly game, but when it is about new players, it can be a little difficult to handle. If you have not gone through any starting guide of csgo, you may face problems in understanding the mechanism of the game. A csgo guide lets you know about the game fundamentals, weapons, […]

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Csgo Prime Accounts

csgo ranked accounts

CSGO is all about playing, winning, and achieving high ranks. Getting to the highest ranks in csgo is not a cup of tea. It requires alot of effort and time. Sometimes people got stuck on a certain level and unable to become a prime account holder for years. But there is always a shortcut and […]